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The Manila Express pushes its Maximum Exposure into the Digital Age through an Online Newspaper viewable from any device, in a flippable PDF Interface. Going online created more opportunities for publications, readers, advertisers and made brand advertisements perpetual and exceeded the value of its actual cost.


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THE MANILA EXPRESS brings you an impressive calendar of spectacular events in top cities worldwide aligning your products or services and boosting your trademark, name, and brand. MEET Your Favorites. One of the biggest and most breath-taking benefits that TME live music concerts and roadshows provide is the opportunity to meet and greet some of your idols and superstars. EXPERIENCE the Philippines' passion for trade, food and music FESTIVALS, and an all-embracing two-day lineup consistently crafts the pool of Filipino performers worldwide. Each day is filled with great food and creative crafts that bring both fun and excitement to the weekend.


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Being one of the most social people, bridging Filipinos all over the world is certainly more than just a commitment.

It takes the most progressive Filipino mechanisms to quench the demanding Filipino need to stay connected to families, friends, and loved ones all over the globe.

Stay empowered wherever in the world you may be with The Manila Express App. Express, educate, and empower.

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Our people connect through our shared love for food, stories and common memories. As a diverse nationality evolving in a scattered archipelago of more than 7,107 islands and working from various corners of the globe, the need of the Filipinos for a dependable and mobile platform that offers news and opportunities to continually connect and interact with other Global Filipino Communities have become more essential than ever before. The Manila Express empowers Filipinos with an easy and worry-free connection at the comfort of their mobile phones.​

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The Manila Express empowers you with an array of multimedia platforms created with the Global Filipino in mind. The opportunities are endless.​

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The Manila Express is all about making things happen. We’re hosting and creating the biggest round of events that celebrate the Filipino’s spirit of community & fellowship.

App Advantage

Being one of the most social people, bridging Filipinos all over the world is certainly more than just a commitment.

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Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.



We make thousands of decisions everyday. Many are easy, but others are complex, stressful, or both. In our pursuit of our vision for a Global Filipino who is informed, critical, enlightened and capable of making empowered decisions, The Manila Express offers out Poll Survey Platform.

This real-time platform and easy-click interface enables you to make informed choices by providing you with vital information about anything under the sun so you can make the right choices.



It takes the right chemistry, synergy, and teamwork to reach the ultimate goal of “Empowering Filipinos Worldwide.”

In The Manila Express, we don’t just create jobs--we build careers. Take the next step and grow with a workforce that nurtures and cares for the people who share their passion.​

Join us and prime yourself with the skills and competencies that will propel you towards the next level. ​