The Manila Express is a platform that enables more Filipinos to access more relevant & real time positive news about the Philippines and original creative content that uplifts the Filipino Spirit, wherever they may be globally.


The year was 2015 when the people behind The Manila Express realized the sad reality that newspapers for Filipinos in the United States of America were stale and boring. Most, if not all Filipino broadsheets there delivered news which were sometimes a week old and the layout, at least to the TME team, was lackluster and flat.

The Brand was born as a result of these conditions. Filipinos in the United States craved for more real-time news, news that inspired, offered more creative content, and untold original stories about Filipinos, by Filipinos.

Filipinos deserved better—and in 2016, The Manila Express delivered its maiden edition. The layout was visually appealing, news were fresh, stories were entertaining and, above all else, readers were immersed and the narratives brought Filipinos back home to the Philippines.

Since then, The Manila Express tirelessly worked to maintain quality news and bring information that was suited to the overseas Filipino needs. In the same year of its conception, The Manila Express was considered as the No. 1 Filipino-American Newspaper in the United States.

Now in 2019, the brand is bigger, broader, and better as it expands into the Digital Age through its digital twin, This is a platform that seeks to catalyze the movement of ‘Empowering Filipinos Worldwide.’


We propagate & magnify the Filipino's invaluable role in the global community.

Empowering Filipinos Worldwide with real-time positive news & inspiring creative content.

We advocate Filipino artistry & achievement, and celebrations of our diverse culture.

We are the bond that links all Filipinos worldwide in this ever evolving Digital Age.


We are the foremost media organization for news, information & entertainment for the Global Filipino.

We unite artists regardless of affiliation and showcase their talents in previously unconceivable performances.

We are the most reliable media partner for your events internationally.

A Global Filipino who is Informed, Critical, Enlightened, and Empowered.


The logo was inspired by the Philippine Flag. It is a modern interpretation of the flag, its colors, and components.

The logo heralds a renewed look at news and stories coming from the Philippines. RED symbolizes passion & patriotism, BLUE stands for truth, justice & peace, and WHITE represents hope for equality. The GOLDEN SUN represents Liberty and the EIGHT RAYS that emanate from it, carries the vision of the brand to enlighten the entire globe with real news. The STARS represent the three major regions of the Philippines and our advocacy for promoting regional news, artistry, and culture.


The Philippine Eagle soars high and mighty to resemble the Filipino spirit of strength, power, and resilience; the Narra tree stands strong and enduring despite storms and strong winds; and the Carabao, a loyal animal, peaceful and hardworking in its essence.

We take pride in what we symbolize, and we hope to live out these symbols as a form of our identity. These characters represent who we are as Filipinos.

The Manila Express celebrates the Philippine culture, the true Pinoy. What makes a Filipino a Filipino are the values that he aligns with the motherland

This is TINO, a modern Filipino carrying the traits every Pinoy brings abroad. He is hardworking, enduring, loving to his family, and is great company no matter what nationality he's with-- a Modern Filipino.

From the Philippines to everywhere around the globe, TINO, like any other Filipino, carries his values with him. He will represent The Manila Express in newspaper pages to cyberspace in our digital platforms and its publications.

He will symbolize the modern Filipino that The Manila Express hopes we all strive to be-- educated, informed, inspired and empowered.




The Manila Express is the bond that links Global Filipinos to the motherland. The colors remind Filipinos everywhere of their roots and how far they have accomplished. The brand unifies every Filipino into one well-informed global community.


The brand artwork represents the vibrance of our Filipino culture and the clarity that real-time information brings to the decisions & opinions of every viewer.


Our brand promotes hope, passion and the pursuit of every Filipino’s dream. We support the Filipinos in every endeavor- no dream is too small, no skill too insignificant.



Knowledge and information is power. This power needs to be managed and efficiently shared. In this age of information pollution where fake news & media censorship proliferates, there is a call of duty to take on this challenge.


Nobody understands the Filipino more than the Filipino. Our interests, sense of humor, taste, emotions, dreams and even the information we share are so unique to our culture, only a “kababayan” can convey it effectively.


The brand is a link that bonds Filipinos Worldwide. OFWs are our greatest contribution to the world. They deserve nothing less than our greatest service and gratitude.



The Philippine's economy is in a sound position today mainly because of our overseas Filipino workers. The appreciation and acknowledgement these modern heroes deserve is a priority for The Manila Express. To do so, our platform content is bent on emanating an approachable vibe that will make readers feel the home they long for. This is the portal where they are the voice and where they are the catalysts towards change.


As a media brand, The Manila Express strives to take on the role of a watchdog for society. The brand will ensure that the full exchange of information is accurate, fair and thorough.


The Manila Express aims to empower Filipinos worldwide and it will not discriminate in the service of its brothers and sisters. The brand is a unifier of mothers and children parted by poverty, the lost longing to come back home, and Filipino families divided by oceans in pursuit of a bright future. The brand aims to bridge continents together and make humanity its top priority.



In the spirit of bringing the Filipinos of the world closer together, The Manila Express hopes to establish a voice that would cater to demographics who have been alienated from their own culture. The best way to do so is to provide a voice that would be familiar or recognizable so readers can get a semblance of the way of life in the Philippines or be reminded of our culture and traditions.


As media practitioners, the main function of The Manila Express is to inform. To be taken with the needed degree of urgency, the capability to inform must be given the right emphasis. The writing style must not be too light, not too comedic as people might mistake the brand for a fake or satiric site that seeks only to entertain and not to inform.


To The Manila Express, good news is given priority. We are the harbinger of good news to all Global Filipinos.