About INASAL Festival

Before we talk about what to expect during the INASAL FESTIVAL, let us take a look at how the festival came to be. Talisay City is one of the places in Cebu, Philippines where the best lechon or inasal baboy (roast pork) is made.

The lechon-making industry has a 60-year history behind it. Talisay lechon is considered as among the best in Cebu. The deliciously crispy skin of the roasted pig is completed by its juicy meat. The meat becomes tasty after the insides of the pig are stuffed with herbs and spices before it is cooked. When you eat Cebu lechon, you will have to set aside any lechon sauce you may have in the kitchen since it is already delicious on its own.

“We are also claiming to the world that we have the original chicken inasal in the Philippines. Bacolod City has been known for its chicken inasal for a long time. When you say Bacolod, it is synonymous to chicken inasal. That is why we want to highlight and give importance to our chicken inasal” the organizers said. “We are trying to promote food tourism to invite people to come over to celebrate the INASAL FESTIVAL.”

The Inasal Festival is being held where over a hundred roasted pigs and chickens are paraded around the city. Some of the pigs were dressed in costumes while being brought around the streets. The festival was aimed at enshrining the unique inasal-making industry in the city. At the end of the parade, the roasted pigs and chickens will be placed on long tables where they will be enjoyed by participating contingents for a boodle fight.