About MASSKARA Festival

The MASSKARA Festival History is surely a mind-blowing one for all of you. The start of the festival back in 1980 was quite simple where a few people participate to relieve their grief. But, now with the passage of time, it’s become one of the most popular festivals around the globe. Hundreds of people flock towards Bacolod City, Philippines to witness one of the most exciting events in the world. From Live Music to Street dances, there is everything for you when it comes to fun and entertainment.

MASSKARA FESTIVAL is also known as the FESTIVAL OF SMILES because of their traditional smiling Masks. The purpose to start the festival is to throw away all the sadness and the grief that was popping in the air of the festival event venue.

Probably, this Filipino festival is the longest celebrating festival, as the joy and the revels stay there for almost a month. The smiles, music, dancing, competitions, fireworks, night scenes, and the magnificent crowd are the parts and parcel of these celebrations.

Honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


The refreshing scenes of the Bacolod MASSKARA Festival are just better than extraordinary. So, what’s the point of holding yourself back? Just make the plan and become part of the happiest festival.

MASSKARA Festival is, in essence, a giant masquerade party with Latin-inspired drumbeats, and tricky costumes. Deemed as one of the most well-known festivals in the Philippines, of course, participating in this event is also an opportunity for you to sample the most luscious delicacies that the festival has to offer.

And for every tourist that takes a bite of the most famous Negrense barbecue, I am sure that the memory of that bite - a bite of the chicken barbecue marinated in vinegar, lemongrass, soy sauce, calamansi, brown sugar, ginger, sweet lemon soda, and black pepper, and basted with annatto oil, salt, calamansi, and margarine will definitely stay on longer than the colorful mask.